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Did you bet over 15 games last week? If so, Im questioning your discipline.

Let me start by saying, professional gamblers do not bet 15 games per week. And yes, each bet would include parlays, teasers and any other exotic types of wagers. In fact, 9 out of 10 professionals wouldnt consider betting parlays or teasers. The best guys in the business are all about waiting for a piece of information that constitutes making a bet. How many times will this happen in a week? Youre happy if it happens once but my 20 plus years of connections enable me to get this type of information on average of 3 to 4 times a week.

Look, nobody appreciates the entertainment value of betting on sports more than me. I love the action on Monday Night Football and I am really looking forward to the Thursday Night NFL Network schedule. The best situation for me is when I receive big information on a high profile televised match up. The books across the globe open up their pockets and guys like me and my clients score out. This happens only when the information warrants it and you can expect it happening on an average of twice a month.

The fact is high profile nationally televised match-ups get 20 times more in action than the same matchup if it was lumped into the weekends schedule, which means amateur gamblers are betting a lot more than just their disposable income and probably because they are down and trying to get out of the hole for the week. This is the type of money management that will end your season early.

When it comes to discipline the word compulsive comes to mind. If you feel that you have to make a bet because its on TV or you need to get even from your losses for the week, all I can tell you is youre the bettor the casinos love. My advice is to appreciate the entertainment value and dont be so naïve to think you have real information and that you can do this on your own with big money. It has taken me years to gain the resources necessary to make huge profits and have dedicated my life to sports information. Like any CEO will tell you. If you open a business, plan on working 24-7 to make it a success. Calling a bookmaker is no different then starting a business and if you think researching a game for an hour before game time is sufficient, its not.

The best advice I can give you is to work with a professional you know has the qualifications and someone you can trust that will make decisions that are mutually beneficial. I meet those requirements and I will prove that to you in a short period of time. Call me on my direct line and lets discuss how you can make big money betting on sports. 1-800-615-7068.

-Tony Delvechio